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Zillions: Consumer Reports for Kids


The original live website

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Consumer Reports for Kids Online

From 1991-2000 I was the staff writer-editor of Zillions, the Consumer Reports magazine for kids. In Summer, 2000, Zillions ceased its print operation and transmogrified into a website, www.zillions.org. For a little over a year we continued to test and report on new toys, games and stuff from the world of kids, and create online features to make kids smarter about money and be aware of ad hype. We also repurposed some articles and favorite departments from the pages of Zillions magazine.

We posted new material weekly -- a Herculean feat considering the reduced staff (just me, the editor, and art director) and microscopic budget for freelance illustration (a mainstay of the magazine). It was gratifying to work on a website from the ground up, though frustrating because we didn't have the resources, or organizational directive, to create a state-of-the-art site. (It was kind of like making silent, black-and-white movies circa 1930 when sound and color film had already became the vogue.)

Given our staff and budget limitations, we put together an informative and engaging website, which, due to financial exigencies, stopped postingnew material in Fall, 2001.

Sample features

Most of the features and departments are still accessible at the redesigned archival website www.zillions.org.



We adapted Zillions magazine articles and created original games for this subscription-based CD/Web hybrid featuring proprietary content from a half-dozen popular children's magazines.

For more information: www.juniornet.com.


Nestle: Very Best Kids' Corner

An earlier version of this website (c. 1999) served up kid-friendly activities and advice in an irreverent way. I wrote features about Mother's Day, Getting a Summer Job, and Surviving Sleepaway Camp.