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Attack of the Googolplex


TV/Film Scripts

Educational comedy series
Ages 6-8

I wrote a few scripts and punched up a few others for this Showtime series based on familiar characters from Weekly Reader magazine, and earned a Humanitas award nomination. Each episode followed the comic activities of a group of kids (anthropomorphized animal puppets) researching, preparing for, and producing a broadcast news segment on a current event.

I had previously worked with the puppet masters (Flexitoon Studios) writing scripts for comedy and quiz series that aired on the pioneering ACTV Interactive Network.


Fox Kids Club/DJ Kat Show
Comedy skits
Ages 6-10

I wrote a few hundred live-action comedy bits, sketches, and promos that aired between cartoons during a two-hour weekday-afternoon program block. Although we had almost no budget, we had free reign and a lot of fun emulating and updating old-fashioned host-driven kiddie shows.


Guide to New York City Housing Courts
Educational film

I co-wrote and co-produced this narrative film informing tenants and landlords about procedures they must follow when facing eviction or serving a notice. Originally produced in 1990, this short film can still be viewed -- in English or Spanish -- on monitors in the lobby of Manhattan's Housing Court.


Plays - Published


What a Vacation!
Grade 5


One of my editors knew I had sketch comedy, sitcom, and playwrighting credits, and gave me this assignment: Write a funny play about a family on vacation.

Concocting a comedy about all the little things that can go wrong during a typical family vacation to a cabin by the lake -- and do -- was relatively easy. The hard part was making sure the play served a three-fold purpose:

1) Be read, individually, like a book
2) Be read aloud in class, like a staged reading
3) Be simple enough to produce as a class play



Up in Arms
History/Courtroom Drama
Grade 7


A dramatic recounting of an infamous trial from 1741 in which a gang of rebellion-minded slaves faced charges of conspiracy. Much of the dialogue is culled from eyewitness accounts. Scholastic Search was a history magazine used in junior-high school classrooms.

Plays - Produced

These plays have been produced on stage, or performed in workshops or as staged readings.
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Journal News feature article
about the M&M Production Library Tour from
Spring, 2003

The Substitute Tooth Fairy
Ages 6+

What would happen if the Tooth Fairy got sick the same day a lonely little girl who doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy looses a tooth? The Tooth Fairy would dress up an oversized gangster with more hair on his knuckles than his head in a tutu and toe shoes to take her place, of course!

The result? A fast-paced farce for the whole family with mistaken identities and parallel plot lines that come together in a door-slamming chase. With a message about the power of imagination to boot!

Three sets, seven actors, 80 minutes.


The Imaginary Unit

The Ascetics battle the Aesthetics in an absurdist-influenced piece of "intellectual vaudeville" about a bureaucrat's inability to damper the creative spirit of a pair of irreverent freethinkers.

One set, three actors, 30 minutes.


Boys Will Be Boys

What tragic event from the distant past compels two middle-aged men to act like little boys around an elderly mother? A comic mystery that's equal parts Edward Albee and Bugs Bunny.

One set, three actors, 30 minutes.


Wading for Cousteau

A precocious preteen ichthyologist (someone who studies fish) invites the Loch Ness Monster to his suburban family barbeque, but is the only one in his short-sighted clan who sees the legendary lake serpent when he actually shows up. A conspicuous consumption comedy with bite.

One set, five actors, 60 minutes.


Larry and His Old Lady

A comedy about the comeuppance of a teenage lothario who gets involved with an older woman. Includes a tongue-in-cheek essay, "On Gastrojudaism: The Uses and Meaning of Food in Larry and His Old Lady," by the fictional Rabbi Ben Ben Ben.

Two sets, seven actors, 90 minutes.


The Plot Beneath the Plot

A comedy set in a cemetery about the machinations of a man vying for his wife's affection. The bizarre plot twists and twisted characters are explored more fully in "Clues to The Plot Beneath the Plot" a "paper" given by mock-professor M.A. Barnesenoble.

One set, four actors. 60 minutes.


It's a Dog's Life

A modern retelling of the J.R.R. Tolkien short story, "The Farmer Giles of Ham."

Multiple sets, nine actors, 90 minutes.


Featured Script



Attack of the Googolplex: A Lone Integer Math Adventure
Educational Cartoon
Ages 8+

Pilot episode for an animated TV series that makes math fun by spoofing science fiction and super hero conventions.

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