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Zillions: Consumer Reports for Kids

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"Name That Sunscreen"

The TV game-show format lets readers play along and test their knowledge of suntans and sunburns

"Monsterhit II"

Uses comic exaggeration to explain movie marketing methods (and madness).


"The Adventures of Action Figure Man"

Lampoons superhero comic book conventions while describing the processes Consumers Union engineers used to test the durability of . . . superhero action figures.


"KARD Radio"

Advice about sports-card collecting presented as a radio call-in show.

"Chew U"

A typical claim vs. fact product-test of new bubblebums given a puckish spin.

"How'd They Do That Fila Sneaker Ad?"

An investigative report based on research and interviews. I convinced the ad-makers to let us publish frames from the original storyboard that revealed some of their commercial magic tricks.


"Bashing Binders"

To test the durability of binders (three-ring notebooks), Consumers Union engineers threw them into a huge revolving drum nicknamed the "Gorilla." (It has to do with an old American Tourister luggage commercial.) When I got the bright idea to demonstrate this to our readers ("Gorilla suits are funny") guess who was elected? Inside the gorilla suit